Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show 2014 – Video Highlights

For a change this year I decided to add a brief video overview and taster to link in with the podcasts recorded at the big European Trade Fair in Germany.

We get many emails from people asking for more information about certain products, what they look like, size, colours to go alongside the descriptions that I thought it would be a good exercise to see if this works for those who like some imagery to go along with their audio.
It was a very full packed three days we spent walking from hall to hall and sadly the weather wasn’t on our side. Although it was warm, it poured with rain for most of those three days resulting in very high humidity and hot sticky night spent on the campsite.



Nothing a cold beer or two wouldn’t help solve!



So please check the video out and the associated podcasts and let me know if you like the format and we will consider it again at future events.




    Cheers Bob,
    great video of the show. As they say a picture paints a thousand words.
    I for one much prefer a video to just the spoken word. Engages theyes as well as the ears. Keep up the good work..:-)


  2. Pete Nex

    great video really like a lot of the products. Was great to see the new things out there. very informative as ever


  3. Paul Braithwaite

    I’ve watched this video many times and really enjoy it. I like the way you give time to see the products without the short sharp camera tricks used by TV programmes. The commentary is clear and informative. Many thanks.


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