Sea to Summit in the UK are probably best know for their range of travel accessories. They are in fact a much, much bigger company with a vast portfolio which dips into may different areas of interest in the camping world. In some case producing some of the more lightweight versions of shelters many have never heard about. This year they were presenting their new range of sleeping mats, which have once again, gone one step further than the competition in design, durability and features. The interview indicates what level they test the products to, but for me the most interesting feature was that you’ll only ever get ‘half a puncture! Anyone who has had to sleep on hard cold ground as the result of a puncture will find this a key feature.

Camping has become once again. thanks to the recent great weather, a pretty cool thing to be doing at weekends and holidays. Everyone wants to coolest set up and the neatest experience during the day, but at night navigation can prove to be an issue when you have forgotten your head torch to find your way back home. So how about these? V shaped tent pegs, which incorporate a colourful lighting system to give you that ‘runway’ feeling as you stagger back under a starlit sky.


Well it had to happen and it has maybe been a very long time in coming. However Hilleberg have finally released a lightweight version of their very popular Akto, now called the Enan. While maintaining a lot of the previous aspects of the Akto they have address some of the more important air flow issues and managed to reduce the weight to a very respectable 1.1kg. If you have been a fan before maybe now is the time to start saving and revisit your old friend.


Paramo have a massive customer base and many of our outdoor friends swear by their ‘wear it all day’ clothing principles. Especially during the colder month. During the summer it is a different matter and up until now, Paramo hadn’t produced a lightweight version which offers an option when things get too hot. This new Mens Enduro and ladies Ventura fleece and wind shirt provides a variety of options for the alpine walker and I’m sure, many other fans who want something lighter to use during the warmer months. If not all year round.


Don’t forget all these items can be seen in more detail on the The Outdoors Station website or on our YouTube Channel.

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