Spoonfest. The clue is in the title.

A celebration of all things spoon related from the craft of taking a small piece of wood and lovingly turning it into an item of beauty, with a practical use.

Why do it? What can you get from it? And really, why meet up with a couple of hundred others in a wet field up in Edale, Derbyshire to pass the time carving spoons for three days?

SignIt was a first for me and I was unsure what to expect however, the warmth, the care and respect that everyone had for each other, made for a lovely atmosphere and the sharing of knowledge and skill was infectious.


Each day there were 24 different course throughout the morning, lunch and afternoon, touching on every aspect which could improve your skill. The basics of safe knife work and axe skills, right through to elegant carving of patterns and cutting names into handles.

LessonEach taped off area held about 10 students and it was wonderful to watch others evolve a piece of wood into an item of beauty. Well, that was the general hope and some were naturally much better than others. The skill shown in the gallery, really did make you want to improve and yearn to get the balance and finish just right.


When you compare the above to where I as a novice am starting from below, it seems miles away. But I am assured that with practice it will all come together. Maybe it IS time to disconnect from the digital world for a few hours and get absorbed?
ToolsTo give you an idea of what can be achieved over time check out this table (one of THREE) covered in ‘A Spoon a Day’ personal challenge from Joseph Bloor. Some 336 so far. If you want more background on his challenge check out his website here, or facebook page here.

Joseph-BloorAll the teachers were fantastic. Very warm, encouraging and positive, helping all levels achieve something new and always helping us lift our game, bit by bit.
Anna Casserley (below) is a wizard with an axe, and can manage to chat 19 to the dozen, when creating blanks in minutes and entertaining those around her.
AnnaBut the organisers and hero’s of the event have to be the dynamic duo of Barnaby Carder and Robin Wood. Like a pair of terrible twins they kept us all informed and jovial throughout the weekend. If nothing else because when they are together one starts to giggle and sets the other off like a tag team.
Great fun, good humour and wonderful hosts.

Barn-and-RobinIf you are interested in attending next year you will need to keep a regular eye out for the tickets at the Spoonfest website. They sell very quickly.

If you are interested in courses, or buying spoons, bowls of tools for a loved one then do follow the links below;

Barn The Spoon – London
Robin Wood – Edale
Anna Casserley – Gloucestershire

It truly is a wonderful past time and full of all kinds of rewards. Maybe I’ll see you there next year?

Thanks to everyone who became part of this Podcast. Your love and devotion to the craft is a joy and inspiration.

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