The Live Stream and Podcast studio is now complete after a slow 7 year wait, finding the right rural location, designing and building the unit and then fitting it all out with equipment which has been slowly compiled over the last 10 years from my various studio work.

Based in the Heart of England we are only 15 min from Junct 1 of the M50 and 30 mins from Junct 7 of the M5. There’s two acres of land to pitch tents and display outdoor activities, marquees etc. There is also be toilet and shower facilities.

The studio itself has been built to be as flexible as possible with all furniture on wheels, an overhead lighting rig to reduce cables and accidents and programmed accent lighting. Connections are also external to the building, bringing cameras directly into the software from outside.

Covid has thrown a spanner in the works and accelerated moving in but at the same time complicated the finishing off when all the building supplies became as rare as hens teeth. How much for a bag of plaster!!

So we are almost there and waiting for the final link in the chain which is the 100 meg fibre connection which I can almost see out of my window as I write this. Once this is done I will be able to get the ball rolling once as I have a series of interesting interviewees lined up to share with the world.


Once we are fully connected I will be offering a video and live stream consulting service on an hourly basis.

Please feel free to contact me via email with an initial description of your questions and I will get back to your as soon as I can.