There are various ways to subscribe to The Outdoors Station feed.

For the full directory click here

Just say “Hey Alexa play The Outdoors Station Podcast by Bob Cartwright” to hear the latest podcast

Would you like an email each time we post?

If you would like an email each time we launch a new audio or video podcast just click here and add your email address to the link. This can be disabled at any time.


At the top of each podcast page is a player. Just click the ‘share’ button to download the podcast directly to your desktop.

If you are not an iTunes user and wish to download certain podcasts manually. Then click here and it will open the complete podcast listing and you can scroll through to ‘right-click’ and download or stream them to your player.

2 thoughts on “Subscribe / Downloading”

  1. Great stuff, shame we couldn’t link with Chris.

    Looking forward to another time.

    Can I go on the mailing list please.


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