In this podcast episode, Sam Fernando, Sales Manager at Keela Outdoors, discusses the Legacy Project, a sustainable initiative focused on extending the lifespan of outdoor garments through repair, recycling, and customisation. Darren Callow, UK Business Development Manager at Acer, introduces Acer’s portable power stations and 5G hotspots designed for outdoor use. Paul Kerssens, CEO of United Repair Centre, talks about promoting repair and sustainability in the fashion industry. Lastly, Clivina Wells, founder of The Intrepid Explorer, shares her journey in creating organic skincare products for outdoor enthusiasts, emphasising sustainability and convenience. The episode highlights innovative solutions for outdoor gear and sustainability and includes two discount codes for Outdoors Station listeners.

Bullet Points

– Keela Outdoors’ Legacy Project and its sustainable initiatives

– The seven areas of focus in the Legacy Project, including repair, recycle, and reclaim

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– Acer’s diversification into lifestyle products, specifically portable power stations

– The features and benefits of Acer’s portable power station and the Enduro M3 portable hotspot

– United Repair Center’s mission to promote repair and sustainability in the fashion industry

– The development of organic skincare products by The Intrepid Explorer for the outdoor industry

– The company’s new line of outdoor products, including sunscreen and insect repellent

– The practical applications of a powdered hair and body wash for travelers and adventurers

– The company’s commitment to innovation and customer engagement

– Insights into the development of innovative outdoor products prioritizing functionality, sustainability, and user convenience

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Legacy Project (00:01:40)

Sam Fernando discusses Keela Outdoors’ legacy project, emphasizing repair and refurbishment of outdoor garments to extend their lifespan.

Sustainability and Innovation (00:03:44)

Sam Fernando explains Keela’s innovative approach to sustainability, including reclaiming and reusing fabrics, and open-sourcing patterns for garment repurposing.

Circular Economy (00:08:06)

The importance of caring for and repairing garments to extend their lifespan and reduce environmental impact is discussed.

CFCs and PFAS Situation (00:11:10)

The complex challenges and efforts within the outdoor industry to address PFCs and PFAS issues are highlighted. 20% Discount code for Podcast listeners.

Acer’s Diversification (00:13:17)

Darren Callow from Acer discusses the company’s diversification into lifestyle products and portable power stations.

Portable Power Device (00:15:03)

Discussion about the size, durability, and accessories for a portable power device.

Solar Panel Charging (00:15:59)

Information about the option to charge the device using a separate solar panel and the duration required for charging.

Enduro M3 Portable Hotspot (00:16:21)

Description of the features and capabilities of the Enduro M3 portable hotspot, including its 5G connectivity and signal scanning technology.

Repair Movement (00:20:34)

Introduction to the repair movement and the efforts to promote repair as a sustainable alternative to replacement.

Social Enterprise and Repair Academy (00:23:32)

Explanation of the social enterprise’s mission to employ and train individuals with a distance to the labor market, including the establishment of a repair academy.

Repair Volume and Types (00:25:01)

Details about the number of repairs conducted weekly and the types of items repaired, including clothing, equipment, and accessories.

United Repair Center Expansion (00:26:19)

Plans for expanding the repair services to consumers in the UK and the process for customers to engage with the repair centre.

Intrepid Explorer’s Product Range (00:27:38)

Introduction to the product range developed by the Intrepid Explorer, focusing on organic skincare products for outdoor enthusiasts.

Powdered Hair and Body Wash (00:28:18)

Description of the innovative powdered hair and body wash product, its packaging, and environmental benefits.

Sunscreen and Moisturiser (00:29:40)

Development of a sunscreen with moisturiser for all-day coverage.

Insect Repellent (00:30:26)

Features of the insect repellent, including natural ingredients and effectiveness against various insects.

Powdered Wash (00:32:03)

Discussion on the versatility and effectiveness of a powdered wash for camping and travel.

Sanitising Properties (00:33:38)

Description of the organic ingredients and their sanitising properties in the products.

Dual Benefit and Future R&D (00:35:19)

Benefits of the products, including moisturising properties, and plans for future research and development. 20% Discount code for Podcast listeners.

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  1. A good podcast Bob and I,m going to get in contact with Keela to see if they can repair my Jackwolf skin jacket .

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