It’s been an epic few weeks preparing to cover the National Outdoor Expo with a livestream and now following up with a Podcast which includes some time limited discount codes, ideal for people who either went and missed the deals, or didn’t go and don’t want to miss out.

Plus there’s some extra information about brands and services which will be of interest to listeners or viewers.

The full four and half hour livestream (with time stamps) can be found on YouTube here

However I’ve also broken the individual interviews down into individual edits and they can be seen on the same channel too.

Podcast number 564 can be found here on Spotify

A few interviews from the National Outdoor Expo and a sharing of time limited promo codes for listeners and viewers of The Outdoors Station.

Please check out the full range of interviews and the livestream on the YouTube Channel.

Thanks to the livestream sponsor Valley and Peak and all the others who are involved.

Please check out the following websites and support all those involved.

Discount Code – TOS24 – 10% ends 30/3/24

sierradesigns ( -10% ends 30/3/24 – 30% ends 30/3/24 – 10% ends 30/3/24 – 15% ends 30/3/24 – 20% ends 31/12/24 – £40 saving on Beach Robes ends 30/3/24 – 10% ends 31/5/24

Other links mentioned in the Podcast

Hope you enjoyed the livestream and podcast. Do share the links and let me know if you follow up any of the special offers.

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