Hey folks … I’m back!!

This is a quick round up of what has been going on these last 12 months of silence, the new livestreams I am doing, in particular next week from the National Outdoor Expo and my new plans to get back producing enjoyable content for the any outdoors fans.

It may be a bit cheeky but we have been nominated for an award at the Outdoor expo, so if you could drop in a vote I would appreciate it. It would be quite ironic to win it especially after this radio silence, but every award counts as they say 🙂

In this episode I talk about some of the changes and ‘expectations’ of guests, the shock I had when one wanted complete editorial control and the mix of content I’m going to be doing, trips, gear reviews and interviews.

So please pop me back on your automatic update list. Plus if you are not coming to the National Expo next week, it would be great to know you are watching and maybe catching a few of the show bargains on-line.

I’ll be back soon (well at least less than 12 months!)

Vote for the Outdoors Station HERE

Tune into the Livestream Sunday 24th March HERE

5 thoughts on “No 563 – The National Outdoor Expo – Preview”

  1. Welcome back into the light Bob

    Must have lost something along the way – voting for the awards finished Mar 8th!

    Mind you, it never said which year

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