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In this live stream we look at a few new products which answer problems often found in the wilds. Solar energy isn’t new however Luci Lights by Mpowerd are a range of quality lightweight solar lamps from a true ‘B Corp’, which means the more lights they sell, the more they can support overseas NGO’s with discounted solar lamps.

They also supply emergency relief situations and so far this totals 6.5 Million to NGO’s and almost 1 Million to disaster relief. More is explained in the video. The products we look at are all light, float on water and expand with a few breaths.

The Luci EMRG lamp, which offers 25 lumens, 3 lamp settings, white/red SOS beacon and compresses to just over an inch thick. Ideal for weekend backpackers or anyone who wants a warm romantic glow each night, ideal for the simple approach.

The Luci Pro Outdoor 2 is the other lamp shown (In error I call it the Outdoor 2 by mistake) is a much more powerful 75 lumens, 1000mAh battery which can be charged by solar or USB. Plus it acts as a emergency smart phone charger. All the details are in the video.

The item which is new to backpackers and could answer a particular problem is the Skinners footwear. After a day (or longer) hiking in the hills, or cycle touring, or climbing, paddling and any other variety of long distance (or time) outdoor activity we all generally want to kick off our footwear and left our feet breath and stretch.

However there’s still jobs to do around camp, cook, fetch water, shower and so on. So inevitably we all end up carrying extra footwear with us for occasional use. This extra footwear can be bulky, heavy cumbersome and generally a nuisance.

Enter Skinners the lightest footwear in the world.

A combination of a sock and a shoe it offers you a waterproof 3mm base and quick drying upper. Put it on like a sock and you have something to protect your feet from mud, gravel, puddles and dirt but weighs only 86 gms and takes up little or no space in your pack.

Designed originally for the barefoot running market it has become a common site in gyms and yoga studios however the lightweight backpacking and hiking market have yet to grasp the idea. So think outside the box, watch the video and see for yourself if this solves a problem for you.

For more information on Luci Lights view here > – Use discount code ‘toslighting’ to save £3 until 24/12/20

Take a look at the Skinners footwear here > – Use discount code ‘toswalking’ to save £5 per pair until 2412/20

One thought on “Live Stream – A Different Approach to a Common Problem – Luci Lights and Skinners Footwear”

  1. Hi Bob,

    I just enjoyed the recording of the show. Very interesting content. Special thanks for presenting the Skinners sockshoes / shoesocks. Those have been new to me and are worth a closer look. Cool presentation.

    With best Regards


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