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Join us as we welcome back forager Lisa Cutcliffe from Edulis Wild Food to delve into all things autumn, discussing edible delights from gluts of berries in the hedgerows to fantastic fungi on the forest floor, as well as touching on how getting outdoors can positively affect our mental health & that having meditative activities such as foraging to enjoy as we wander can be even more beneficial to our wellbeing.

Lisa introduces us to cauliflower fungus, hedgehog mushrooms, hen of the woods, trumpets of death, aniseed funnels and velvet shanks for the table, sloe gin and seabuckthorn juice for foraged cocktails, umami seasoning hits from truffles and seaweeds, and also powerful medicinals for the wild medicine cabinet such as elderberry, hawthorn, chaga, turkeytail fungus and rosehips.

You can still enjoy Lisa’s inaugural appearance on the show back in April in the archive, chatting all things springtime, greenery and vitality heading into the warmer months of the year.

Topics include identification, eating and the mental health benefits she enjoys from foraging while learning more about nature’s bountiful larder.

So join as we seek to help make your lockdown walks more entertaining and informative plus of course, there’s a Q&A session at the end.

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