Kevin Augello is a documentary film maker who in October 2020 has just set off with a group of relative strangers to make a film of the Cape Wrath Trail.

His company New Earth Films have made programs for BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel to name but a few and this project, which was supposed to start in March 2020, has been delayed and now possibly enhanced by the Covid outbreak.

The film is predominantly about Mental Health and how being alive in the great outdoors can become a real helper. Under the current circumstances it is also a reflection of the importance and value wild places can have following lockdown. The project is to follow a team (found on social media) undertaking one of the hardest trails, certainly in Europe. The Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. 

They are following all the Covid related advice provided by Scottish Mountaineering and Sport Scotland and have been advised that they can proceed in a group of six by following Covid Risk Assessments and Test & Protect Measures. Half of the team are from the front line of Emergency Services so are fully aware.

This 20-day expedition is unmarked via mountain tracks and open moorland. He intends to film every step of the way and hopefully inspire others to venture outside, even if it’s to the local park… The first steps are always the hardest…

The Facebook page has more details and provides some background information relating to some of the people who have volunteered and the sponsors involved.

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  1. Hi Bob

    Great to have you back, yes it has been a while but I really think you don’t need to apologise.

    Personally I think you have more than done enough to earn a break on the podcast front (albeit not by choice).


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