Rowan Smith is a personal trainer who specialises in preparing hikers, trekkers and mountaineers for their adventures.

He is one of a handful of specialist trainers who service the outdoor hiking niche for those who would like to build their strength and confidence before heading out to climb their mountain or take on a major personal challenge for the first time.

I can’t image there are many hikers who at some stage or another have not complained about back, knee or ankle pains in some form or another No doubt we have all just put it down to being just ‘one of those things’.

And so the fun begins ….

Or maybe you are someone who states that you have weak ankles, but perhaps have never thought to ask yourself how, why and when that became a problem for you.

Left or right can’t decide? But I’m here 🙂

Some people train for the hills by just hiking, others mix that with the gym and maybe, just maybe, the rare few actually try yoga or pilates. However as good as all these are, they may not be hitting the spot as regards solving your particular problem, which is where Rowan Smith one of the very few personal trainers specialising in trekking fitness, comes into play.

He is one a very few specialist personal trainers who exclusively work with hikers, trekkers and mountaineers around the world to help either get them ready for their adventure or to overcome injuries which are spoiling their continuation of outdoor adventures.

Another client reaches the top

In this podcast we discuss the impact that hiking or hiking with an pack can have on the body. Why swapping the desk for your first big adventure may be more of a shock to the system than you might think. Why it is important to consider your hill fitness and what difference it can make to not only your enjoyment, but perhaps the achievement of a group if may be walking with.

Further reading, articles by Rowan on the subject of Weak Ankles and Preventing Knee Pain which may be of interest.

You can make contact with Rowan here

Summit Strength Website

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