Wild Camping Live Stream – The hows, whys, where and when

This is the recording from the Live Stream Andy Howell and I did on 3rd July 2019 on the subject of Wild Camping.

Many people would like to try it but are nervous about where to go, the legalities, what to do it they get caught, what gear to take and when is it best to camp.

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This live stream will give you some ideas of what it is involved and help you plan your first or next wild camp so you get the most from it. Reducing the fear and adding to the thrill.

Hopefully novice and experienced wild campers will join us to contribute via the Twitter or You Tube Chat system.

After another frustrating start due to technical issues we got there in the end and thanks to everyone who got involved. Hopefully there’s some nuggets of information buried in the content.

I will expand on this tomorrow, however all the links to all the websites mentioned in the Video can be found below.

Andy Howell > http://www.andyhowell.info/trek-blog/


And an interesting article by Pheobe Smith in the Guardian regarding the suggested wild camping fee!


And their website terminating the idea. Apparently they were inundated by objections .



  1. Tony

    That was a brilliant idea and worked well, the relaxed banter between you and Andy was perfect for this type of broadcast and with so many people on the online chat with constructive comments . Sorry to say I wasn’t able to attend the live feed but caught it today on YouTube. Well done to all and hope you will be doing more.


  2. David le Hunte

    Andy’s url > http://www.andyhowell.info/trek-blog/ isn’t working anymore (as of 5th Nov) 🙁
    It just comes back with a page not found.
    Is this temporary?


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Not sure. I can’t see his website currently so I’ll drop him a line.



    • theoutdoorsstation

      Just found out that his website has a digital squatter on it who won’t give it back!! Andy is on the case.


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