2 years ago Alex developed the idea of using his summer holidays to run the length of the UK, and over those 2 years, the idea kept returning.

Over time it has evolved into doing something unique, by undertaking the journey barefoot, starting on the 26th July 2015 and aiming to finish in August.

Totally self supported but no turning away any help given by supporters, passers by, plus any social media friends he picks up on route.

There will be no shoes, only an emergency pair of Luna sandals and 1206 miles of the UK’s fine countryside and footpaths.  Excluding the odd kind offer of a place to sleep, a wash and a some food, he will also be carrying what he needs to survive, purchasing food and equipment on the way from a very strict £10 p/day budget and relying on Tailwind Nutrition as the main source of calories as he runs from place to place.

This is all to raise awareness of strokes and also to raise the ludicrous amount of £10,000 for the Stroke Association, so they can continue to improve the lives of those who are effected by stroke and to fund research into preventing and treating strokes.

In this interview we cover all the questions which will no doubt be going through your mind. Firstly why, then how and more importantly the pure curiosity to witness how will his feet, skin and biomechanics will hold up? After all, barefoot running 1200 miles is slightly different from an afternoon barefoot on the beach!

There are many people supporting him on this unique challenge. So please get involved in some way if you are able to
. It’ll make all the difference to his mental approach as he tackles his demons over time and every penny will make a difference on the target amount to the association.

To watch it all unfold here are the links;.

Pursuing The VoidBlog PostsAbout Page

Twitter handle@fat_man_runs – using #barefootlejog hashtag for Twitter and Instagram


Racedrone Tracker Pagehttp://racedrone.net/event/aleks-barefoot-lejog

Just Giving Pagehttp://www.justgiving.com/barefootlejog

Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/barefootlejog

We always try and help those who are challenging themselves for a good cause, either on our ‘what out customers are doing page’ at backpackinglight.co.uk or/and in the podcasts. However as both my parents died from Stroke related issues, we have decided to get more involved and support Alex with kit which will make the big difference.

In particular the Vaude GUL solo tent, the Thermartex reflective blanket and the Ti Pocket Stove with the Ti Siphon alcohol stove. A super light set up which has brought his pack weight down considerably. The performance of this equipment will be vital and he will be reviewing it when he completes his task.

Other sponsors who are supporting him and willing him to achieve both his goals include;
Sarah Guie (Weleda Advisor) @ www.slgmassage.co.uk

One thought on “No 399 – LEJOG – Barefoot”

  1. Hi Blacksmith near Brecon,llangynidr, if your coming near me ill feed you and put you up for the night just drop me an email seems the least i can do im to old and heavy to join you but you never know .

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