No 398 – Wild Camp 6 – Lands End

All those who have been enjoying the Wild Camp series will be pleased to see me back in the saddle, or rather back in the bivvy bag and heading off this time to the end of the world.

Well the next best thing in the UK, as I head down to Lands End to try the opposite end of the country from Scotland and the TGO Challenge series. Lets have some sea and sunshine I thought plus it gives me chance to meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen for some 30 odd years.

What is more of a challenge I hear you say? The wild camp or trying to disguise my bald head and well rounded tum when meeting someone from your past!
So once off the motorway, the main A road, then a B road and finally down a narrow road I found myself at the dead end of Penberth Cove. A handful of cottages owned by the National Trust, a slipway and nothing else. Bliss! No kissmequick.

It was a delightful evening and if my timing was correct walking from here, should enable me to reach Lands End sometime between 11 and 12pm.

The blue sky looked bluer in the setting sun making the sea more inviting as the coastal path took me through tunnels of undergrowth, across moorland and very, very close to some sheer drops.

About 9.30pm I came across this tent perched right on the very edge or the cliff path. And I do mean the edge. On the Podcast you’ll hear I manage to speak with them the following day. A pair of Belgians who were oblivious to (a) wild camp legality, and (b) how lucky they were that night.

What do you make of that for a place to pitch?

I finally made it to Lands End at midnight, you’ll hear why on the Podcast, and was greeted with a massive disappointment. The simple one building and signpost I remember from my childhood has been turned into yet another commercial money milking enterprise. Where’s the beauty and appreciation of nature. “Well it’s over there sir, but it’ll cost you £5 to see it!”

So after wandering around the place, I found the path back across the coast and decided to bivvy down in the bottom right of the above picture.

The pitch was lovely. Soft underneath, well sheltered from the buildings, and just out of sight behind some rocks. A glorious view to wake up to the following day.

On the way back in the morning I passed the two beacons which I mistook the previous night for the distant top of the lighthouse, which is no longer at Lands End. When these line up the ships out at sea have an indication where they are in relation to the deadly rocks which surround the area.

And so my little trip was over. I arrived back at Penberth cove, hot, sticky and sweaty. Just the right way to make an impression on someone you haven’t seen for years. The last time I saw her I was slim, suave, with a headfull of hair and most of all, clean! My how things change over time eh 🙂



  1. Fabio

    Excellent post Bob! Did you say you managed to fit all your gear in a 25l rucksack? BTW, I totally agree with you in relation to the pitching of that tent. Really dangerous.


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Yes with space left over 🙂


      • Fabio

        Wow. I need to learn to pack better and perhaps also invest in better gear!


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