On Sunday the 16th August 2015 I finally met up with Aleks Kashefi just north of Manchester on the border to the North Yorkshire moors in the small village of Cowling.

As you’ll hear on the Podcast I was unsure of what state of mind I would find Aleks in, as he is now just over half way of his 1000 mile target. When I’ve completed the TGO Challenge at 200 miles, depending on the type of crossing I have had, I am either euphoric and ready for more, or weary and ready for a long rest.

Aleks has covered 500 miles in 3 weeks compared to my 200 miles in 2 weeks. He was also travelling very light and of course, barefoot.

I think the whole exercise is very interesting one, not only of human endurance and perseverance, but also about stripping away another layer of  ‘protection’ we have been encouraged to have for hundreds of years. Is it possible to manage without that heavy boot, shoe or trainer? Do we need ‘protection’, ‘grip’ and the worst one of all, ‘ankle support’?

As you can see his feet are in remarkable condition. I was expecting some kind of deep thick crust of skin to form a ‘pad’, but he assures me they feel ‘normal’, just more ‘tough’.

Knowing what it is like after a few weeks of hiking I thought I would take with me a large meal of some of Rose’s home made sauce and lots of pasta to give him sustenance. Although he ate everything I prepared, he did turn down more, and assured me that he was very aware of his bodies needs more acutely.

The gear was working well. The Vaude GUL ultralight tent had proven to be an excellent choice and the other few luxury items like the Pocket Stove and Siphon alcohol burner, made a good cooking combination. The Thermartex blanket, had been a great help, by uprating his sleep system with minimal weight and helping provide a good night sleep.

Please support him on route. It is for a great cause, however in talking with him you will certainly come away asking more questions about footware and your assumptions of the benefits afterwards.

You can track him and keep up to date below;

Pursuing The VoidBlog PostsAbout Page

Twitter handle@fat_man_runs – using #barefootlejog hashtag for Twitter and Instagram


Racedrone Tracker Pagehttp://racedrone.net/event/aleks-barefoot-lejog

Just Giving Pagehttp://www.justgiving.com/barefootlejog

Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/barefootlejog

We always try and help those who are challenging themselves for a good cause, either on our ‘what out customers are doing page’ at backpackinglight.co.uk or/and in the podcasts. However as both my parents died from Stroke related issues, we have decided to get more involved and support Alex with kit which will make the big difference.

In particular the Vaude GUL solo tent, the Thermartex reflective blanket and the Ti Pocket Stove with the Ti Siphon alcohol stove. A super light set up which has brought his pack weight down considerably. The performance of this equipment will be vital and he will be reviewing it when he completes his task.

Other sponsors who are supporting him and willing him to achieve both his goals include;
Sarah Guie (Weleda Advisor) @ www.slgmassage.co.uk

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