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Fran Turauskis and Frankie York. Two keen adventures and podcasters discuss balancing a passion for outdoor adventures while living with epilepsy. Perceptions of epilepsy in society and the adventure community.

After she walked the Camino de Santiago, solo, in 2017, Fran became uncomfortable with descriptions such as ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’ when people learned about her epilepsy diagnosis.

She created Seize Your Adventure to normalise the idea of epilepsy in adventure. As host, editor and producer, she collates all audio and visual content on the podcast, website and social media.

Her co-host Frankie York is a passionate surfer, who for six years, had suffered frequent and debilitating seizures that stopped her from surfing entirely until the success of recent treatment that allows her to enjoy her water based passion once more. We discuss the perceptions of epilepsy in society and the adventure community.

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