This is it. We are finally at the end of 2020 and we all know what a terrible year it has been on every level.

This podcast covers some of what has happened this year here and what I hope to put into place for 2021.

Everything is still very fluid until we are all vaccinated and ‘normal’, whatever that may be.

I can’t wait be free again to choose where I can go, who with and what I can do. The limitations we now find ourselves under make you realise the freedom to live, travel and have choice we take for granted.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in whatever way this year, my Patreons, Ko-Fi supporters, you the listener and viewers of my live streams.

The more conversation we have the more I can keep creating content for you to enjoy.

All the very best for 2021, keep safe, stay well and keep being positive. Thangs can only get better.

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