On the 15th September this year photographer Quintin Lake strode up the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral and quietly finished his 5 year photography project of walking 11,000kms around the perimeter of the England, Wales and Scotland taking photographs virtually every step of the way. 

I spoke with him in 2016 on Podcast No 410 (well worth listening to again) when he was 25% of the way round. So much have happened in the intervening years, not least the challenge of Covid, but he still achieved his goal and now has one of the most unique catalogues of evidence which records all aspects of our country and its coastal heritage. 

He has become famous in the meantime, popping up on countless TV news shows for a short news clip. However on Wednesday we will have an hour to discuss all the various challenges, practicalities, joys and despair that a 5 years adventure like this encapsulates. 

Early morning call from security at the Nuclear Power Station

Once again there will be a Q&A at the end of the show. If you listen to the podcast first you’ll get a flavour of what’s to come. Check out the YouTube video to see the images and video which go with the conversation.

A freelance photographer survives from image sales, so make sure you visit Quintin’s website

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