This is a fascinating chat with Quintin Lake a professional architectural photographer and the latest in a series of personal projects he is undertaking, entitled The Perimeter.tp1

tp2As you’ll hear, he has set himself the task of walking around the perimeter of the UK and capturing as he see’s it, the abstract and the unusual images as they present themselves. No set up shots, no military planning, just going with the flow and seeing what jumps out at him at that very moment it ‘clicks’.

As you’ll see from his website he has chosen the square format, which is reminiscent of the professional 21/4 square images of large format cameras of the past, and this adds to the curious nature and flow of his work.

Daily Social media updates;
(2 new photos daily on all)

He has been most successful with his previous walks in Greenland, the Thames and the Severn from the source and the Cambrian Way.

tp3Wild camping on route allows him the flexibility to work as late as he wishes and start as early as light demands.

tp6We talk imagery, style, security, wild camping and gear, both photographic and camp.

tp4Do take a moment to check out his work and if you can offer him any accommodation on the next 75% of our coast line I’m sure he would appreciate you getting in touch.





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