Simple Fajitas with my Honey

Simple Fajitas with my Honey

The principle of these Honey Stove cooking videos is to keep the cooking simple, using items you might find in small shops along the trail.

Fajitas can be compiled using diced chicken, a cheap spice mix, an onion and a pepper plus some salsa sauce. You can add more if you are able such as lime juice, lettuce and yogurt, however this simple cheap recipe will give you a tasty meal day or night in 10 minutes or less.

Just make sure you keep the raw chicken packed away from other foods to prevent salmonella.

One more from the series of short videos to share cooking ideas to get the most foodie enjoyment using the simple lightweight, multifuel flatpack Honey.

The Honey Stove is designed and manufactured in the UK from either Stainless Steel or Titanium. No moving parts, so nothing to go wrong!

The stove simply slots together to form either a square mini stove, or the full hexagonal.

More tasty videos coming soon.

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