Iceland has to be one of the last true raw hiking wilderness experiences there is left in the world.

Just a few kilometres south of the Artic Circle it isn’t the most welcome environment with temperatures at their height in the summer just topping 10C with daylight which lasts virtually 24 hours, it doesn’t make for a good night sleep.

Dramatic landscapes, sharp rocks, black deserts and rich green vistas many of us have only seen in epic scenes in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Hard to believe sometimes they are not the fantasy world of 3D graphic designers, but true rich wild places.

Which goes to make this forthcoming unsupported 620km trek by Dermot Cosgrove a challenge and a half. Not only that but he’s decide to use a trekking cart as a way to ease the load on his shoulders as he carries all his provisions for 3 weeks. However there’s river crossings, unmarked boulder fields and marsh land to navigate along the way. 

He’s chosen to raise money for Dogs for the Disabled in Ireland, a completely self funded and much needed charity in Ireland. He has already raised a substantial sum and hopes this adventure will encourage others to support them too.

The 620km route, some 378.5 miles will take around 3 weeks and he’s forging his own route across country. A few have linked some of the tracks in the past, but no one has created a through trek like it before.

So please share some outdoor love and make a small donation if you can. It will inspire him during the tough days.

Dogs for the Disabled Iceland Trek Charity Page

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Some of the support mentioned in the Podcast;

Splash Maps and Firepot Food

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