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The annual 200 mile (approx) walk from the West to East coast of Scotland is now in its 34th year and this hour long video, covers many aspects of my trip, both the good and bad.

I’ve done it 7 times now and this was the first year I was plagued with injury and issues which almost caused me to withdraw in the first few days.

The video includes a review of our route, a look at maps, Google Earth and videos from the trip. Plus we introduce you to the best folk band in Scotland – Tweed!

13 thoughts on “The 34th Rab TGO Challenge 2013 Review – Part 1”

  1. Many thanks for doing this film, a fantastic account of your 2013 TGO Challenge, Bob.
    You captured the real ups and downs of the Challenge.
    I could almost feel the pain on some of those not-so-good days, and, see it etched into your face. You also give a good feel for what determination to get through is all about.
    I’m really looking forward to Part 2.

  2. Bob -Thanks for putting in the huge effort to a). complete the walk and b.) to put in all those expert editing hours – amazing. You’ve done it again – a wonderful innovative representation of the reality of the Challenge.
    It was your podcasts that got me hooked on the Challenge and longer backpacks in 2008 and despite the weather in 2013 I am sure you will cause many more to take up the Challenge in the future – great work.

  3. Hello Bob,

    Thank you very much for the wonderfull job you did in editing/reporting the TGO Challenge! I saw both part 1 and 2 of the podcasts and they give a realistic impression of the Challenge the TGo is! Lot’s of respect for all of you that succeed in doing this TGO!

    Is there any info on how you organised the meals, what was the menu during the day? Suppose you cooked everything yourself in the tent on meth stove? By the end of the day the time in the tent can be the most appreciated moment of the day..

  4. Great Report Bob
    I went up on the Morar Ridge that first Friday as well, I think I saw you disappearing into the mist after going over the deer fence. I can confirm it was horrible up there. I bailed down the south side after the three lochs and would have camped down at Kinlochmorar but I saw smoke coming out of the chimney at Oban bothy, so waded thigh deep through Abhainn Ceann and struggled round the wet slippery cliffs at the head of Loch Morar before I finally got to Oban bothy, soaked and knackered. Worth it for a camp bed and fire !!

    Anyway good to see your pictures as a reminder as I never got the camera out up on the ridge.

    Looking forward to Part 2

  5. Well done Bob. Happy New Year to you and Rose. I just submitted this year’s first draft – starting at Morar – so reading your account that I then discovered was quite interesting, especially as I wasn’t all that far away from you at the time – I started from Plockton on a lovely sunny day….

  6. Bob, I felt for you mate!
    I first read of the great outdoor challenge, as it was, back in 1982 and promised myself I’d do it one year….here we are over 30 years later and I still haven’t done it!
    Have been up in Scotland walking several times in the winter and its always my feet that suffered…….. Brought up in the old school of big heavy boots, lol.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this and will watch part 2 later if possible. Thanks for your enjoyable videos and podcasts Bob,

    All the best,


  7. Inspirational bob, only just discovered the videos. This is a great help, for those, like myself, who have it in the back of their mind to do the Tgo challenge. I have, previously done the odd week backpack in Scotland ,the landscape and weather are a pull, but do make it a challenge. Your podcasts inspired me to get out there and the Tgo podcasts especially. This is an informative and detailed account and will, I’m sure, be useful to all, with the Tgo in mind. Keep podcasting please, youre doing a cracking job.

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