The Outdoors Station has evolved during the last few months, investing in new production equipment to ease the work flow and increase the quality of the presentation, when making product videos.

We are now hoping to move further forward with interviews around the world in our virtual studio to provide more enjoyable and inspiring content for anyone interested in the self powered lifestyle.

Mark Johnson from TTFN (Studio Tech and Studio Tech Live) specialise in making similar productions, only their speciality is technology and offering help, advice and suggestions for those looking to undertake live streaming or video on demand, for their own niche audiences.

Mark approached us to undertake an interview looking at our progression, how we started with the audio podcasts and naturally the recent development into HD video content. Although they concentrate on technology content, they were specifically interested in how we associate our efforts with backpacking and the effect content has on business.

This video might be a bit geeky for some, but maybe others will be interested and understand the commitment and time it takes to create whatever content is required for output.

The heart of the new studio is the Tricaster system. The ultimate production machine currently available ranging from the price of a new car to a full on mansion house! But my goodness me, WHAT a box of tricks it will perform.

The bottom line maybe a shock, however it does tie in the two passions we have. That is love of the outdoors and the creative enjoyment gained from producing quality audio and video productions.

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