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Part two concludes the annual 200 mile (approx) walk from the West to East coast of Scotland is now in its 34th year and this hour long video, covers many aspects of my trip, both the good and bad.

Although plagued by injuries Lee and Tony kept me going to the bitter end at St Cyrus where the traditional celebration was had at The Park Hotel which involved many happy stories and pints of Guinness.

The video includes a review of our route, a look at maps, Google Earth and videos from the trip. Plus we introduce you to the music from the best folk band in Scotland – Tweed!

15 thoughts on “The 34th Rab TGO Challenge 2013 Review – Part 2”

  1. Bob you promised us the video and you delivered,great insight good use of the viewing aids that did look like a challenge.Well worth the wait enjoyed them,thanks for putting them together at a busy time.
    p.s my feet hurt just watching it.
    thanks again.

  2. Watched both parts last night, character building stuff. The far side of the Corrieyairack looks much more foot friendly now. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Bob for yet another fantastic, informative and well presented account of your crossing. It brought back happy, cold, wet and painful memories of my crossing.

  4. Just finished the second part, Bob. This should be compulsory viewing for folk who are thinking about doing the TGO. I saw a DVD of the 2008 Challenge and, frankly, it failed to convey the reality of getting across Scotland. You do show the reality. Many thanks.

  5. Just finished watching both parts and I like the format of maps, google satellite images, and video. I doubt I will ever get the two weeks free to do it myself (mostly due to young children) but even with the bad weather you experienced this time I still felt very jealous (maybe wouldn’t be if I included the foot pain you must have been in). Maybe in a few years.
    Can’t wait to see what next year’s video will be like.
    Thanks for a great pair of videos.

  6. Hi Bob

    That certainly was inspiring stuff! I hadn’t suffered blisters for almost twenty years, until, like you, one year in Trail shoes I was so knackered I forgot to wash out my socks after a day wading my way across Scotland. They hardened with silt where it collected in the gap between my big toe and 2nd toe. I ended up with a blister. Just the one, but by heck!

    I’m sure my walking companion, Andy Walker can tell you how much pain I was in, as I didn’t stop boring him with it all the rest of the walk!

    Good tip that: Wash your socks out religiously, every evening!

    All the best,mate.

  7. Excellent video I enjoyed it. I was on the Cape Wrath Trail at the same time and can vouch for the challenging weather, the full streams, wind and snow above
    Glenshiel. I met a few Challengers, two who were in the process of dropping out through illness.I have been across Scotland before and may do so again .Bob is right it is a challenge. Wish early for good weather.

  8. Great to see some gritty realism. In the world of research, all results are published whether the findings are negative or postitive so that others may learn. Its nice to see some focus on the realities of a long hike rather than painting an overly glossed picture. Really enjoyed the format. Many thanks for sharing the experience.

  9. Just watched these two after hearing them referenced in the last podcast.

    Really well judged mix of maps/google/vids/talking head

    I remember listening to the old podcasts of the challenge and wanting to know where you were and what it looked like, and now you’ve done it.

    What tents did the three of you use by the way? sometimes they looked like tarps, other times more like ‘proper’ tents.

    Thanks very much for all the time and effort that went into them both.

  10. Just watched both videoes ,I will be doing my first TGO Challenge this year and think these should be required viewing for all novices like me.Are you on the challenge this year if so hope to see you along the way. Thanks again for the excellent videos and lets hope for better weather this year.

    1. ‘Plan for the worst hope for the best’, that’s the TGOC way. I’ve had sunburn and blisters and half an hours rain one year. The rest have been a mixed bag of rain, snow, ice and wind. Take your pick, but be prepared 🙂

  11. Hi Bob

    Thoroughly enjoyed both films. Having been out of serious backpacking for the last year or so, this was just the inspiration I needed to get going again. Will take your advice re training though before attempting a long distance trip ! Just one question – how did you manage for camera batteries during the trip ? Does the Lumix take rechargeables or just bog-standard AA. Cheers

    1. Hi Chris

      I took 3 charged batteries with me and a charger just in case. I don’t recall having to do any charging so the 3 would have lasted okay. The clips I took were pretty much all seen in the video. No wastage. Too cold and in too much pain to be very creative lol 🙂

      Panasonic Batteries

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