In this podcast episode, Bob reflects on the closure of his business after nearly 20 years, discussing the journey and evolution of his company amidst significant changes in the outdoor retail industry. He highlights the challenges posed by online retailers like Amazon and AliExpress, which impacted smaller independent businesses. Bob shares his decision to close the business, feeling a need for a break, but expresses excitement about future plans. These include rejuvenating his outdoor station with a focus on audio, video, and live streams, and offering production services for podcasts and live streams to support other businesses.

Bob also delves into the history of podcasting, noting how it has transformed over the years. He reminisces about the early days when podcasting was a niche medium, embraced by a small but passionate community of creators and listeners. Bob proudly mentions that The Outdoors Station is the world’s longest-running creator of its type, having produced content consistently since the early days of podcasting. This longevity has allowed him to witness firsthand the evolution of the medium, from rudimentary audio recordings to sophisticated multimedia productions.

He discusses how The Outdoors Station has adapted to technological advancements and changing listener preferences, maintaining relevance and continuing to provide valuable content to his audience. Bob emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of trends and being willing to innovate, which has been key to his enduring success. He expresses gratitude to his loyal listeners and supporters who have been part of this incredible journey, and he looks forward to exploring new horizons in the world of digital content creation.

Bullet Points

  • Reflection on the closure of the business after almost 20 years
  • Discussion of the challenges faced in the outdoor retail industry
  • Impact of online retailers like Amazon and AliExpress on smaller independent businesses
  • Difficulty in finding unique products to offer customers
  • Decision to close the business and pass on the name to another company
  • Sense of exhaustion and the need for a break after years of running the business
  • Excitement about rejuvenating and relaunching the outdoor station with a focus on audio, video, and live streams related to outdoor activities
  • Interest in offering services as a producer for podcasts and live streams
  • Shift in focus towards supporting other businesses in the industry
  • Overall reflections on the changes in the industry and plans for the future


The closure of the business (00:00:14)
The speakers reflect on turning off the business after almost 20 years and the emotional roller coaster they experienced.

Starting the business and industry changes (00:04:01)
The main speaker discusses the journey of starting the business and the changes in the industry over the years.

Evolution of podcasting and social media (00:10:54)
The main speaker shares their experiences with podcasting, social media, and the evolution of their business in relation to these platforms.

Impact of digitalization on industry (00:22:08)
The speakers discuss the impact of digitalization on the industry, including the decline of personal interactions with representatives and the waning enthusiasm for products.

Dealing with Industry Changes (00:24:10)
Discussion on how industry changes, including online retailers, have affected the business and clearance deals.

Closure of Business (00:25:07)
The decision to close the business, passing on the name, and the need for new enthusiasm and understanding of social media.

Transition to New Ventures (00:26:21)
Transitioning to a new venture, the need for rest, and plans for future content creation and live streams.

Future Content and Live Streams (00:28:53)
Plans for future content, including trip reports, gear reviews, live streams, and interviews at outdoor trade shows.

Offering Production Services (00:31:03)
Offering production services for podcasts and live streams, including past experiences and potential future engagements.

Gratitude and Farewell (00:31:58)
Expressing gratitude to customers, sharing emotional feedback, and closing remarks on the podcast and the business.

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