Todays interview is with Itzi Aldecoa Tamayo one of the co-founders of Bikepacking Buds.

A UK based network and collective of bikepackers, who want to meet others interested in this past time leading to socially gatherings for Micro or Major bike based adventures.

Open to all ages and sexes the social media network shares trips, gear tips, knowledge and enthusiasm for people who may not have the confidence to venture out on their own for an overnight or more.

There’s also support and monthly virtual meet ups to get to know everyone and form relationships which enable groups to be created in certain areas and join in the fun.

Their ultimate goal is to make bikepacking accessible to as many people as possible.

Bikepacking Buds is dedicated to creating a non-competitive, supportive space where people live more adventurously.

We connect people of all different levels and experiences that want to go on bikepacking adventures. On our podcast we share diverse stories from our community and through our blog, monthly webinars and route collections we provide people with the tools and resources to start their own adventure.

Most importantly Bikepacking Buds is a free and inclusive community, created to help people connect and share cycling adventures. We want to help reduce the barriers preventing people from going bikepacking, one of which was finding other people to go with.

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