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Join me Wednesday as I talk with Author Alex Roddie about some of the hidden stories which go into creating a book like this.

The genesis of the book, and the writing process, which was a collaborative process with the team at Gestalten and various writers. How does one choose and narrow down the shortlist of routes, and what our criteria were for inclusion.

The role that coffee table ‘inspirational’ adventure books play in today’s world, particularly with travel remaining so restricted. How important is it to have books like this as key sources of hope in dark time.

Wildness and wilderness, and how in Europe it’s all relative. Many of the routes we’ve picked are not wilderness routes, but there’s always some wildness to enjoy.

Plus of course the inevitable discussion about gear and how Alex’s transition to ultralight gear has transformed his ability to travel greater distances and reach such inspirational places of beauty.

You can win a copy on the night too, but you must be watching.

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