The TGO Challenge 2018 – My tenth crossing

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This is my review from the 2018 TGO Challenge walk across Scotland, which took 14 days to complete in May.

This follows on from the the Skye Trail the previous week (see video) so I was warmed up and my walking legs were ready for hopefully better weather and more hills.

It was my tenth crossing walking various routes from west to east coast over the years during this unique event, which isn’t a race, but purely a personal challenge organised by TGO Magazine (October Issue).

In this video I include the mapping of the route I took. Explanations of some of the landscape changes I saw in those 10 years and I include video recorded each day during this crossing. It also includes some hints and tips and safety advice about ‘bogs’. Something which proved to be a big surprise this year for overseas participants.

This is now one of many videos and over 50 audio podcasts recorded during this particular event and you’ll find them all over on . It’s a wealth of information vital for anyone considering a long distance hike for the first time.

This audio diaries include interviews with many people from the US and overseas for their thoughts on the Challenge and how they coped with the weather, the landscape and the people.

The main gear used was a Luxe Hex Peak F6 shelter, Gregory Optic 48 lt rucksack, Thermarest sleeping pad supplied by and various basics, all of which totalled around 9-10kg.

So make a cup of tea, sit back check out the video and escape to the remote wilds of Scotland.

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  1. Craig

    another great video


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