Exclusive Preview of Gregory Optic and Octal 2018 Rucksacks

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This is an exclusive preview of the forthcoming 2018 lightweight Mens Optic 58 and 48 lt and Womens Octal 55 and 45 lt packs from Gregory USA.

Available in the UK March/April 2018 from backpackinglight.co.uk

A suspension framed pack, Gregory has streamlined their design and removed all the excess straps and padding to get the weight down to just over 1kg. The floating lid is removable and Gregory supply a simple replacement cap to reduce any water ingress.

They also include a pack cover.

The two deep pockets on each side have double entry points and the compression strap can be configured to run ‘through’ or ‘over’ the pockets.

Internally the normal slim hydration slot is now expanded to the full width and depth of the pack, which offers a neat protective storage slot for sleeping mats. There’s still a central clip to attach hydration.

The only item which appears to be missing is a whistle clip on the chest brace.

The suggested maximum carrying load is 16kg, so the pack should perform well in the hands of a lightweight backpacker with an average load of 8kg on shorter trips and 14kg when loaded with food and water.

Current price estimated to be £170 – £190 depending on pack.

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  1. Stormin'

    Nice to know Gregory have kept an eye on the lightweight scene. The G pack was the forerunner of the commercial lightweight pack evolution.


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