Stormin’ Norman is the affectionate nick name of the guy behind Stormin Stove Systems. Originally in construction, his interest now is shared equally between lightweight long distance hiking and manufacturing the very popular range of alcohol stoves and two tier cone windshield system.

As other before him, these cone systems are unique to certain pots and the two I have pictures of here are for the MSR Titan Kettle and the Tibetan 1100 Pot.

They are fantastic value for money at only 18 quid a pop, they work very effectively and burn for a good 18 minutes, bring two cups of water (500 ml) in 8 minutes.

All the details are on the website and if you need something special for a certain sized pot, then Norman can help you out.

Thanks for Roman Ackl once again as our Executive Producer for this show.





5 thoughts on “No 429 – Stormin Stoves”

  1. Great to hear from Stormin. I have tried many a stove over the years, I have one of these and it is just the bees knees. A great piece of kit. I think I should also say I have a honey stove Bob 😉

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