Just the facts m’am!!

Updated figures (March 2019)

Total audio podcasts produced since 2005 is currently 478, which have been downloaded (to date) 13,842,769 times. Average download per episode 23,961.

Total video podcasts produced (YouTube) 95. Viewed 1,814,639 times. Average views per video 19,101. Current You Tube subscribers 8146

Automatic analytics across all media indicate 8300-9100 average daily downloads.

The podcasts are live in perpetuity.

Our You Tube feed now has over 8000 subscribers

Figures indicate an RSS audio feed audience of 10,000+


There are various ways you can support us if you so wish;

Become an Executive Producer

We know we have many supporters of our work around the world and so if you feel you would like to make a small donation to help our costs along (as generous as you feel) we will happily

announce your name/blog/website at the end of the podcast.

Simply make a donation and let us thank you in person, tell all your friends
and the podcast will be ‘live’ in perpetuity with your name as Executive Producer!


Advertising / Sponsorship

Financial support for The Outdoors Station can also be made from
Sponsorship and voluntary Donations.

Any program which is sponsored is associated with a clear name check
(beginning or end) and appropriate web links. Please contact me for further details.


In the interests of transparency any donations, gifts and items for review will be announced clearly in any podcast. Please note, there are no advertising space available within the podcasts.

Running Costs

To give you an indication of the investment required in creating and maintaining
The Outdoors Station, the general running and production costs are as follows;

Distribution: By far the largest on going cost is the bandwidth required for the hosting service,
marketing and website investment

Content: Admin, Mobile, Long Interview Calls, Travel and Accommodation for up to 4 people

Production: Hardware (Audio devices, Video cameras, Computers), Software
(forever upgrading), Storage, Editing, Music and SFX purchase

The Outdoors Station was created by Bob Cartwright in 2005 where his experience in professional broadcast production and knowledge of the outdoors world combined to create a unique resource for the self powered traveler.

The key ethos is to create an independent production platform and to inform, entertain and inspire others to enjoy a healthy outdoors lifestyle, with responsibly and understanding of the natural world around them.