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This podcast came about thanks to several members of our Newsletter ‘tribe’ namely Rich Sheward, Roman Ackl, Matt Pitts, Dave King, Rich Jones who stated how much they would like to hear more of the story behind Tread Lite Gear.

A UK cottage manufacturing name most people who are interested in the lightweight outdoor scene may have increasingly become aware of in reTLG2cent years.

TLG1The man behind the idea, the business and more importantly, the sewing machine is Paul Stokes.

In the podcast you’ll hear how he took the brave step to teach himself the dark skills of the sewing machine and step away from his white collar career as a surveyor to design, create and sew lots of very cool items, using very cool fabrics for very cool people in the outdoors world.

This interview will take you through his journey and what it takes to become one of the very few cottage manufacturers in the UK, who like any small business has to struggle against the tides of exchange rates, flaky suppliers, import duties and all the administration activities which actually keep any entrepreneur away from doing their chosen work in the first place.

TLG3His range of kit is now extremely impressive from the few items he initially made, to well over 100 useful bags, pockets and accessories which many an outdoor person will spend hours lusting over in an effort to save a few grammes.

TLG5Yes they may be simple, but how long did it take to originate the idea, create the samples, complete the cutting pattern to produce the final product?

Special offer!! If you order any of his items before midnight Sunday 14th January you will get a free USB light stick and a mini UL thermometer with every order.


Additional questions suggested by Pete Turner, Alex Wilson, Mike Pitt, Ken Thompson and Norman Reeves.

Thanks also to our executive producer for this show Roman Ackl who make a much appreciated donation towards the running costs of the Outdoors Station.

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