The Rab TGO Challenge 2011 – Part 4

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You join us on the 2011 crossing from the West to East Coast of Scotland during May 2011 as part of the TGO Challenge.

After the first reasonable night of the two week trip we pack up early and set off on day nine, as we know we have an epic Marathon walk to Braemar, along the beautiful but wet and windy Glen Tilt. Arriving in the early evening footsore and exhausted, we soon recharge our spirits at the Fife Arms.

The following day, with high winds forecast we take the safe route to Ballater, via Balmoral where we stop for a cup of tea with the Queen, as you do! Included is a review of the accessories carried inside the rucksacks including; GSI Hip flask, Avid Razor, Avid Shaving lotion, MSR Ultralight Pack Towel, Toothbrush Kit, Signal Mirror, Ultralight Pod Sacks, Waterproof Pouch, Dyneema, Thermarest Puncture Repair Kit, Ortlieb Waterproof first aid kit, Tick Out, Click Away, Waterproof Wallet, Emergency Bivvy, Care Plus Waterproof first aid kit, Gehwol Footcream Extra and Gehwol Refreshing Balm.

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