The Rab TGO Challenge 2011 – Part 5

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Walking, maps and gear!

You join us on the final part of the 2011 crossing from the West to East Coast of Scotland during May 2011 as part of the TGO Challenge. It was a good evening in Ballater, spent in good company enjoying an excellent meal in preparation for the following day.

With 100mph storm force winds forecast everyone chose the safest option and departed from the campsite heading for Tillygarmond via Dinnet and Aboyne using the old converted railway track. It was sad to see over 100 trees blown down alongside the newly created footpath by Blackhall Forest. The storm damage was extensive, however the destination campsite was sheltered thankfully, although the power was out all evening.

Day 12 took us into the mysterious Fetteresso Forest for a short walk on a blustery sunny day and the last open grass area before the coast where we all chilled out, probably for the first time on the trip. On Day 13, the urban monster of Stonehaven soon swallows us up and before long, all the wide open spaces, and linger views are soon replaced by walls, fences and signs.

The Challenge was over once again. In this video we review cooking gear including; Evernew 1300 pan, Trangia fuel bottle, Orikaso plate, Pot cosy system, Evernew 400ml mug, flint and steel, folding spork, Evernew meths burner, The Honey Stove, Hammaro tinder card, Evernew Solo Set and Evernew DX stand.


  1. chris yapp

    i have just finished wathing all 5 segments and i throughly enjoyed it . the music was very relaxing could you please email me and tell me who the artist is and is possible to buy to buy the recording of it .


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Pleased to hear it thanks 🙂

      The music came from the AVP Music Library which I produced during the 1990’s.

      This can now be found over on but you may have to email them directly for links to Corporate Power Vol 1 – 3, which is where most tracks originated.


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