No 313 – Three Men In The Cairngorms Pt 2

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Part 2. After a very wet and windy night Lee and I make our way from our exposed camp spot to Bruar Lodge Bothy celebrating the merits of modern design and materials used in tent manufacture.

The Bothy itself is very cosy, but from all the comments written in the book, it is obviously a very welcome haven during the harder weather and snows which the Glen must receive each year. We finally make our way down to Blair Atholl in plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of the superb campsite facilities.

We also enjoy the liquid facilities of the local Hotel, but sadly the much anticipated meal was a disappointment. However the following day Tony finally arrives telling stories of adventure with Scottish Rail but the breakfast soon makes it a distant memory. We set off for the beautiful and enjoyable Glen Tilt which is a magnificent walk.

Following another good night stream side, we head for the much anticipated Derry Lodge. On the way Tony tells us all about his new rucksack and tent and the reasons behind his imports.

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