No 314 – Three Men In The Cairngorms Pt 3

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Derry Lodge provides us with a very still, calm and tranquil night. A truly wonderful wild camping spot, which if you catch it at the right time offers a wonderful restful night with excellent wildlife.

Overcast and with the weather not looking good we wander up to the Hutchinson Memorial Hut and wait for it to clear before heading out to the ridge, however plans change and we scarper down to Loch Avon in the mist and search for the Shelter Stone. So many to choose from!

The coldest and clearest water in the world pours from these high cliffs and we set up camp on the shores of the Loch for a chilly evening, however dawn brings with it a magnificent array of colours and glorious sunshine.

Heading upwards to Cairn Gorm for a fantastic days walking who should we meet on top but Darren Pinne (Division Director for Gear protection and Travel Acc for Cascade Designs) who happens to be in Aviemore for a conference! But all too quickly, the trip is over and we bring this short three part series to an end.

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