The Stick Pic

We are proud to announce that we will be the only people selling this fantastic little product in the UK.

The small company who produces them loved the way we work and understand our customers needs, and so chose to sell them in the UK!! Fantastic and what a compliment!!

The idea, like all goods ones, is ridiculously simple. Most of us use Walking Poles or Pacer Poles when we hike and no doubt carry a small camera, to capture our progress on route. Our arms are never quite long enough to get us and the background in the picture, and as there’s no point carrying a tripod, we have to put up with resting the camera on a log, post, table, bush or whatever.

Not any more! The StickPic just screws into the bottom of your camera and slides onto the tip of whichever pole you use, enabling you to get the image of you and your friends in a group shot. you even get the landscape too!

The best part is that it is lightweight, small, compact and convenient. I can see me using mine for stills, video and getting very creative with a whole new portfolio of clever angles and view points.

Now I have used one, the first thing I can say is ‘what fun’!! Gone are those long-arm-images with one person pulling a face as the try to get everyone in, press buttons and look cool at the same time. This is such a brilliant idea!!

Here’s what the guys who invented it say.

The StickPic was invented with the compact digital camera in mind. However, the larger and light weight SLR cameras can still be used with some attention to the extra weight at the end of the trekking pole. We suggest shortening the length of the trekking pole for better stability.

Digital cameras are made with several different wide angle focal lengths. The angle which the camera is mounted on StickPic fits perfectly in the middle of these different lens focal lengths. Depending on the type of camera and the length the trekking pole is extended, some part of the trekking pole may appear in the picture.

By simply shorting the length of the trekking pole or adjusting the focal length by ever so slightly zooming in, you can eliminate the trekking pole in the picture.

With the advent of youtube and myspace video, the StickPic is perfect for making video diary’s.

Experiment with holding the trekking pole high in the air or low to the ground of over our shoulder those creative shots. The possibilities are endless.

Feel safe by always using the wrist strap attached to the trekking pole.

Finally, practice makes perfect!

Hang on, the BEST bit, is that it is so much fun!! And we are all for that!!

Until we experiment more we will have to gauge the fitting as best we can.

Common sense tells you that to drop your camera from a great hieght wouldn’t be a sensible thing to do! Therefore you are advised to attached the wrist strap around the basket at the end of the pole as a ‘just in case’. No responsibility will be taken for any damage to your photographic equipment.

Below are the sizings provided by the manufacturer. If in doubt drill a hole closest to the size shown in a piece of hardboard and fit it over your walking pole tip as a guide.

Size#1 = 13.5mm
Size#2 = 11.5mm
Size#3 = 12.5mm

Three sizes and known brands for that tight fit!

StickPic #1 – 13.5mm
Komperdell Snap-Lock CF
Komperdell Southern Lights
REI Ascent Shocklight
REI Carbon Bamboo Staff
REI Hiker Shock Light Staff
REI Hiker Vibra Stop Staff
REI Peak UL Carbon Shocklight
REI Peak UL Carbon
REI Summit
REI Traverse Shocklight

StickPic #2 – 11.5mm
Mountain King (Confirmed inc Trail Blaze)
Alpikt (Confirmed)
Craig Hoppers (Confirmed)
Lekis (All models confirmed)
Leki Diva Antishock Women’s
Leki Luau Women’s
Leki Sierra Antishock SLS Staff
Leki Summit Antishock
Leki Super Makalu Cor-Tec AS
Leki Thermolite Antishock
Leki Thermolite Antishock XL
Leki Thermolite Trekking
Leki Trail
Leki Wanderfreund SLS Staff
Pacer Poles
Gossamer Gear
Gossamer Gear light trek 3 & 4

StickPic #3 – 12.5mm
Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Fiber
Black Diamond Trail Back
Black Diamond Trail Compact
Black Diamond Trail Shock
Black Diamond Trail Trekking
Black Diamond CF Terra
Life Link
Power Ridge
Garmount Supreme
Black Diamond Contour Elliptical Carbon
Black Diamond Contour Elliptical Compact
Black Diamond Contour Elliptical
Black Diamond Spire Elliptical

Weight: 11g


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    How can I buy a stick pic please?


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