Walking Pole Extenders

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Many tarp tent users of the Golite Shangri-La 3, Shangri-La 4, Hex 3 or the Black Diamond MegaLight and MegaMid have to rely on a single strong pole as the tent support.

This single pole can weigh as much as 500g, and if you are using a pair of (standard) walking poles this simple 14mm diameter extender unit will transform them into a strong sturdy reliable support for only 40g!

Save weight and bulk (and sleep well) with our backpackinglight.co.uk Walking Pole Extender Link!

Please note there are two sizes available now. The 14mm as shown in the video which works with standard 18/16/14mm poles, and the 16mm version which works with the ‘slimmer’ 16/14/12mm poles.

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