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Sunday 21st January I visited the National Running Show at the NEC in Birmingham to interview a series of brands and exhibitors and find out more about new products and innovations entering the UK running market.

I tried to mix the interviews and support new cottage manufacturers as well as the more well known brands as it helps the industry grow and increases awareness of some great new ideas that sometimes get lost in the national press or retail outlets.

To undertake this stream I used a portable outside broadcast unit in a backpack and beamed the content back to the studio where the graphics, titles and extra information were added by Jesse. It was then streamed out to 5 different social media channels at the same time.

This whole live stream operation offers great flexibility for complete portability meaning that a low profile, cost effective but professional looking stream can be produced from virtually anywhere.

The interviews are as follows;
07:43 Introduction
15:22 Charley Sproson – /
29:10 Rachel Heley –
42:20 Tom Harper –
57:31 Comments from viewers
1:02:24 Jonathan Morgan –
1:13:33 Isobel Hewitt –
1:27:57 Dominic Birch –
1:38:54 The Travelator – Comments from viewers
1:52:48 Ewan Mcgrath –
2:08:41 Nicky Chrascina –
2:27:44 Lee Proctor –
2:42:54 Lewis Falworth –
2:56:40 Conclusion Thanks to everyone who took part and I will hopefully see you again at the next show.

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