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Outdoors enthusiast and freelance writer Anna Richards was sitting at her desk one day when a notification popped up on Twitter directing her to this advert.

“We’re seeking intrepid, experienced hikers to be the first thru-hikers on the new 1,500km Transcaucasian Trail. Will you be one of them?

For the past 6 years, we’ve been stitching together routes, building trails, and putting new destinations on the map (literally) across the Caucasus.

Our goal: to create the most culturally interesting and geographically diverse long-distance hiking trail possible across Georgia and Armenia as part of the Transcaucasian Trail.

The result: a challenging and stunning 1,500km route connecting the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains. The route weaves between high alpine passes, red desert canyons, bucolic meadows, volcanic plateaus, and more– all while traveling through one of the most culturally and biologically diverse regions on the planet.

Now, we’re inviting the first cohort of intrepid hikers to hike the Transcaucasian Trail through Armenia and Georgia in summer 2022.

In its current stage of development, this route is ideal for experienced hikers who are seeking an off-the-beaten-track adventure that combines rugged terrain, diverse cultures, rich history, and awe-inspiring landscapes– and who don’t mind a few thorns along the way.”

(Anna Richards – Camp-on-the-first-night-in-Arevik-National-Park)

How would you respond if long distance trails were your passion, plus you realised you knew nothing about Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and it just so happened you had a few weeks to spare in 2022?

Anna instantly replied to the post and within a few days she was welcomed into the TCT social group of almost 100 other hikers who were also attempting various thru hikes, starting at different locations throughout the summer.

(Anna Richards – The-approach-to-Noravank-Monastery-Vayots-Dzor)

This podcast touches on Anna, her background as a outdoors writer and how she came to find herself in the Armenian mountains as a lone female hiker.

Naturally we touch on numerous aspects of her trip, the people she met and practical saftey concerns, be them outdoor, cultural, practical and personal.

It is a great interview and I do hope you’ll leave feedback or comments here or on my YouTube channel.

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