No 489 – Jenny Davis Pt1 – Antarctic Record Attempt

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You may recall a news story at the beginning of the year when Jenny Wordsworth (Nee Davis) was emergency air lifted from her solo, unsupported and unassisted Antarctic land ski speed attempt from the South Pole. This may have been the first time you heard her name or became aware of this extraordinary endurance athlete.

Photographer – Hamish Frost

Sadly she had two uncontrollable events which brought this attempt to an end. Firstly a Bowel infection and Peritonitis which came out of nowhere and secondly incredible bad weather which struck not only her but others too in the worst ’Summer Storms’ Antarctic had ever experienced.

In this first podcast of a two part interview we talk about the preparation and planning which goes into attempting something like this and the eye watering costs involved. Towards the end you’ll hear the moment it came to an end and the fortunate decision the Medivac team made which ultimately saved her life.

Life on the snow isn’t a walk in the park by any means. The daily housekeeping routines still have to be performed, melting snow, setting up and breaking down tents, calling in every night at the same time to confirm mental and physical health. Eating, drinking and the usual bodily functions.

We talk of the commitment to training, the hours of pulling tyres across Hampstead Heath and sleeping in an altitude tent. The flight and map costs, plus the amount of time spent training in the snow conditions in Norway and crevasse training. Like many solo public figures she not only does all this, but also handles her PR and Social Media at the same time as working full time lawyer in a legal department. A job which in itself would drain most people of time before they even think about getting  outdoors!

With her background in over 50 endurance races around the world, Jenny brought a fresh approach to the gear she selected and the discipline in stripping the normal 80kg sled down to just over 60kg. Which made a massive difference to her progress.

In part two we continue the discussion and look at the endurance racing events she is involved in a Women In Sport charities, encouraging and promoting getting women into sport, not just in the UK but around the World. Stay tuned for the next episode to hear how she was influential in getting the law changed in Iran so women could run in a public race.

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  1. Craig

    Inspirational. Wish i had her energy.


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