No 457 – Keith Foskett – High and Low – Pt1

Part 1 of a 2 part interview with author Keith Foskett and today’s release of his new book High and Low. An interesting mix of long distance hiking and depression!

With many outdoor long distance hiking books under his belt, this unique offering High and Low adds to the growing library of Keith Foskett.

It certainly has a gripping start with Keiths story of being alone on the CDT and showing all the symptoms of a heart attack. What a place for this to happen. As I read I kept wondering what would I do, what would I do?

However the book continues on the UK trails the Cape Wrath and the West Highland Way and describes an interesting mix of people, places, mishaps and depression. In this first part of the 2 part interview we discuss aspects from the book and also Keith’s approach to hiking life.

Part 2 will be same time next week and we hear more about Keith’s approach to hiking life and how writing this book has helped work through his issues.

Depression is like chest pain. You know its serious when the doctor wants to see you the same day.

Battling ferocious weather, the ubiquitous Scottish midge, strange-sounding local delicacies and sub-standard TV sets, this is one man’s battle to conquer the wilds of Scotland, and his own psychological demons.

When dealing with emotional baggage, it’s best to pack light.

You can get the book direct from Keith or on the Amazon book store.


  1. David Le Hunte

    Bob, this does not show up in my podcast feed even though everything has been refreshed and updated. When I look at the /feed page it says 18 March, but my podcast hung software is only seeing a date if 10 March. Any ideas?


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Hi David
      I have recently changed the hosting service and the new feed it on the front page. Try changing the details and see if that works.


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