No 406 – Running the Outer Hebrides Pt1

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In May 2016 David Broom, a hill walker with a passion for wild places, multi-day trips and wild camping in some of the most remote places in the UK set off the run the length of Outer Hebrides, a distance of some 150 miles.

the-south-uist-ridge estate-cottage-ruined-blackhouse-and-lazybeds-kinloch-resort

His purpose was to mainly to raise money for the John Muir Trust but also to reclaim part of his childhood, when as a child this magical place inspired him to become an Ecologist following his first visit as a teenager many years ago.

kinloch-resort-a-fantastic-wildcamp-location-in-the-north-harris-hillsOne might think the series of islands to be rugged and undulating. However they are certainly very mountainous and challenging, both in the topography as well as the isolation, which puts the trip as ideal for those with a wild heart.


The distance is estimated to be 150 miles and the height gain over the 11 days duration was in the order of 10,000m.


Here’s the video he mentions in the Podcast.

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Equipment he mentions in this podcast and loved during his trip

OMM: Avenue 45, Kamlika Clothing, Traill Tights and Sleeping Bag

Stainless Steel Honey Stove

Vargo Triad Stove

Trangia 500ml Bottle

Mountain King Trailblaze Alloy Poles

All photos David BroomMore can be seen here

Executive Producer – Mark Cole





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    Wow – ‘Executive Producer’, that’s going straight on my CV.

    Seriously though, I really appreciate what you are doing here Bob. The quality of the podcasts that you are producing is outstanding.

    Let’s hope that there will be other ‘Executive Producers’ showing their support for the podcasts in the very near future.


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