No 396 – The TGO Challenge 2015 – Part Eight

And so the end of the road is near, as we pack up from the relative peace of Tarfside and head along an ambling route towards reality. First the bustling little village of Edzel, followed by the busy main road towards Northwater Bridge Campsite.
Day13AThe first port of call for everyone has to be The Retreat. A community cafe in Tarfside, where we all enjoy a full breakfast and endless cups of tea to set us up for the day.

It is good to put something back into the community which has supported the Challenge ever since it started.
Day13BThen the meandering path takes us all through a very gentle transition from wild lands to the edge of reality which is Edzel. Where once again we invest in the local community and try to eat the cafe dry!
Day13CFinally we make it to the Northwater Bridge Campsite and the jovial affair also includes birthday celebrations for Lindsay Pooler, complete with cake, cards and songs.
Day13DAs the rest of us chat away and try to make the whole Challenge experience last for as long as we can.
Day13EThis podcast includes reviews of some of my equipment used this year. Including the Vaude Power Lizard 2/3, the Gossamer Gear Robic Mariposa, Routebuddy Software, Invo8 Rocklite 295, Evernew Pan set, Montane Primino to name but a few.

Day-13-MapDay 13 Map
Mapping supplied by Routebuddy

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