The first podcast of 2015 and we are now into our 10th year of producing quality content for the outdoors enthusiast. However we are in a dilemma of where to go next. What do our listeners want to hear or see and how do we get there? This podcast is part of our SWOT analysis and we are seeking your help to put us on the right track. It is easy for us to assume we know the answer, but without a survey where you tell us your thoughts it is easy to be very, very wrong.

Please take part if you can, your views are vital to what happens next. It will only take a few moments and it will help us clarify our future. No personal data is collected in the process.

Just scroll downwards and you will see it, or click here to be taken to the same page.

Many thanks, Bob

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15 thoughts on “No 382 – Listener and Viewer Survey – The Outdoors Station”

  1. Excellent overall production of podcasts and videos. Bob always gets his point across. Please keep up the great work!

  2. Keep up the superb work guys, you may not be the cheapest out there, but product information & quality, customer service, speed of delivery and most importantly “you guys being you” keep me coming back for more.

    1. We do the best we can on all levels Dean. Unfortunately we still have to make a living too, so we have to strike the best balance we can and still offer the excellent service. Thanks for your continued support 😉

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