A podcast full of snippets of information about The Outdoors Station and why we have been a bit tardy these last few months in producing a more regular stream of information.

There’s information on the special Easter weekend offer for double points on all rucksack sales over on backpackinglight.co.uk which will give you future credit and discount.

There’s also some news about our recent investment in video production software and how we hope to use Virtual Studios (see photo) to make the reviews, interviews or presentations of outdoor gear more enjoyable.

Please email us with your thoughts on what you would like to see us make videos of. We have access to a wide range of distributors and their equipment, as well as PR agencies. Would you like to see more videos about product detail, more stories about people doing activities or more ‘how to’ content, explaining hints and tips to make outdoor life easier?

Please tell us more.

Andy Howell also reviews several books to while away these cold nights before we get out on the hills and stretch our legs.


Talking of which Rose and I made it out to Brecon last weekend for a blast and there’s more detail to the story over on our new blog.

Finally, you just have to listen to this podcast over on BBC Scotland with George Berwick a 72 year old cyclist who has covered almost 750,000 miles on his bike and still thinks nothing of cycling 400 miles in 30 odd hours!

And of course I can’t leave without mentioning The Calendar Road podcast once again. I find that as I am in a rush most of the time, the voice of Sinéad McClure is perfect to make me slow down and enjoy the view.

Until next time …

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