Part 4 of the 5 part series discussing the future of Ultralight Gear with some of the key makers and shakers in the US cottage industry who have been there from the very start.

Ron Moak, Henry Shires and in these last 2 interviews Glen Van Peski of Gossamer Gear. There’s more to starting a small manufacturing base than you might realise and Glen very honestly talks about some of the key life decisions he has had to make along the way.


Henry Shires, Brian Frankle, Ron Moak and Glen Van Peski

Caption competition?

5 thoughts on “No 357 – The future of Ultralight Gear – Pt 4”

  1. Bob, your videos and podcasts are fantastic. I’ve been walking for over 50 years and just now making the transition to lighter gear. Still, your podcasts and videos add some new information. I especially enjoyed your interviews with the titans of the US outdoor cottage industry. Keep them coming.

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