This is the first podcast from the four part series recorded at the 2012 Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen and based around the topic of Lightweight interests.

We discuss the range of sleeping pads and other inflatable ideas with Cory Tholl from including the Inertia X Frame, Static V Pad, Air Beam Pack Frame, Cush Seat Pillow.

Trekking umbrellas have an ever increasing following across Europe and beyond so Jurgen Brotz introduces us to a couple of new almost unbreakable items and explains the attachment system which works with any rucksack with a hipbelt.

Exped is a well known brand, but in the UK not many would associate them with lightweight rucksacks, however the new Lightening range looks it will change all this, and probably in a big way for the average hiker who wants to go ‘lighter’. Marc Raillard is the innovation manager.

Finally, the lightweight tent star of the show had to be the Nordisk Telemark 2, a twin skin 2 person tent with carbon fibre poles and weighing in at 880gms. Designed by someone who is 6’4″ this provides a hugh amount of space in a very small pack. Jesper Valbak provide us with Nordisk history and Iain Macklam takes us through the key features. and

More from the show coming soon.

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