Free ‘Warm Showers’ for Cycle Tourers!

I’ve recently been told of this great website which offers warm showers to cycle tourers virtually anywhere in the world!

It sounds a fantastic simple concept, a bunch of people into cycle touring, register and offer their homes free of charge to other passing cycle tourers. They in turn can drop into the homes of others, and use their facilities.

All simply hosted, run and organised at

A purely simple and pleasing principle in these days of money grabbing commercialism to see such a generous and honest simple system working so well.

With over 11,000 members world-wide, you start to get the picture. The video here explains it all!

Worth an interview sometime I think!!

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  1. warren sanders

    We have now cycled 10,000 miles and have used warm showers many times. Fantastic on this trip and a little ride across Holland. We have stayed in remote places and big citys using warm showers. Million dolar homes have been left unlocked for our arrival. It all makes you want to cry with joy that there are so many wonderful people that just want to give hospitality to touring cyclists.


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